Aaji Aajoba Udyan

The Aaji Aajoba Park

Location: Shivaji Park, Dadar.

Aaji Aajoba Park aimed towards catering a large population of elders of the area was inaugurated on 23rd January 2001.

Provide relief from urban congestion that is choking many physically and emotionally.

Facilitating group reunions to share their joys and sorrows


Daily Yoga

Elders at this park do morning yoga session on their own. Meditation is also an integral component of these sessions.


Seniors at Aaji Ajoba Udyan pamper themselves with small excursions to their favorite places.

Birthday and anniversary celebrations

All the Aaji and Ajobas (Grandparents) coming to this park celebrate their Birthdays and anniversaries together and enjoy sharing sweets.

Independence and Republic Days are celebrated with guests

Independence and Republic Days are celebrated with guests coming for flag hoisting every year. The enthusiasm of our elders to narrate the stories in their memory about the freedom battle keeps growing with each passing year.

Celebration of whole range of festivals

Festivals are at the heart of each elder coming to the park. They celebrate Diwali, Gudi Padwa (Hindu New Year), Makar Sankranti with lot of fun and fair. All the rituals are performed by the Elders themselves on these festivals.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has the same significance in our Elders lives now as youngsters. The day is celebrated at the park with excitement filled event where both our Aaji and Ajobas blush pink while handing roses to their partners and playing fun games and getting romantic! “International Day of Older persons” celebration provides the platform for advocacy where seniors express themselves in front of media.


Complementary Tea

All the Aaji and Ajobas coming to this park start their day with a cup of “Chai” which makes them fully energetic to discuss, reflect and express themselves on various personal and social issues. They listen empathetically, share openly over this cup of “Chai” making their gloomy friend Cheerful!!

Daily Newspaper

Newspapers are weak point for any Elderly. They like to read, reflect and hold a good amount of discussion on the news. And how about reading those with their friends in the beautiful, quiet atmosphere? It is something all our elders at the park rejoice in.

Central Umbrella

A structure specially thought about, designed and set up by the foundation at their Senior Citizen Parks provides platform for displaying newspapers and facilitating activities.

Soft Walking Tracks

Aaji Ajoba Udyan has a walking track raised a step from ground. There are small lamps by their sides all through to illuminate and give better visibility to Elderly. Music system installed play soft instrumental music and bhajans for them while walking.


Single seater and double seater benches arranged at the periphery of the walking track facilitate group discussions which seniors love the most!

Drinking water

Clean and filtered water is a necessity as Elders spend few hours in morning and evening at the park.

Rest Rooms and Wash rooms

Availing clean and hygienic sanitary facilities is very important for older people for their susceptibility for the infections. All the parks of NNF ensures this for its senior members.

Elders umbrellas, walkers and first aid box

For the use of Elders umbrellas, walkers and first aid box is kept available in the park which is supervised by the security.


Security guards are present throughout day and night to keep the visiting elders safe and avoid undesirables

Nana Nani Foundation Identity Cards are issued to all the members at the park.