About us

The Nana Nani Foundation (NNF) is a registered public charity trust founded in 1999, whose primary aim is to help improve the “quality of life” of the Elderly in India. The Foundation works tirelessly to achieve this and promotes various avenues to enrich the lives of the elderly. NNF’s all efforts are channelized to plan strategies and programmes to meet the growing needs of the elders. Late Shri Pramod Navalkar envisioned the Foundation along with its Managing Trustees and Founders, Mr. Shhyam and Mr. Padaam Singhania of The Enarr group. An enthusiastic team now works on its future plans, expansion, team building and value addition to the quality of life of our Elderly.

Foundation has conceptualized, developed and maintains parks having exclusive access to Senior Citizens which comes complete with newspaper, refreshments, interaction, recreation, joyful, serene and secure atmosphere with various activities for wellbeing.

Senior Citizens are more vulnerable to social isolation and loneliness which affect them more as they age with reduced mobility and limited income. This calls for various platforms where they can meet their peers, interact socially, develop skills, engage themselves, feel secure, avail health and wellbeing and enjoy productive ageing.

The NNF envisage multifaceted approach to attain its vision, and plans to develop and maintain such platforms in various forms.

Nana Nani Foundation Anthem

The elderly love their Nana Nani Parks and have composed a lovely song for the park! Have a look at the amazing creativity and enthusiasm of our senior citizens

Our Mission

Help create a harmonious environment for Senior Citizens whereby they can live with dignity, self- respect, self-worth and love, free from loneliness, isolation & abuse.

Our Projects by region
Nana Nani Park, Girgaum Chowpatty

P Ramabai Marg, Chowpatty, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007

Aaji Aajoba Udyan, Dadar West

Keluskar Road S, Shivaji Park, Dadar West, Mumbai -400028

Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Udyan, Dadar West

Vijay Manjrekar Street, Opposite Portuguese Church, Dadar West, Mumbai - 400028

Our Vision

Help improve the “Quality of life” of Senior Citizens in India.

The foundation proposes to offer opportunities to exercise the choice of how to live young in the advancing years by

  • Reinforcing and strengthening the ability and commitment of the family to provide care to Older persons.
  • Fostering amiable multi-generational relationships.
  • Generating greater awareness on the issues pertaining to older persons.
  • Providing care to destitute elderly.
  • Facilitating graceful ageing.
  • Mobilizing senior citizens into identity groups/ communities.
  • Undertaking advocacy with government and public welfare bodies.
  • Creating in the younger generation and society at large a social awareness about the problems pertaining on to elderly in India.

Development of trans-generational designs catering to Senior Citizens

  • Currently most industries employ ‘Universal Designs’ that cater to needs of all age groups without paying special attention to the needs of the senior citizens.
  • We have initiated tie-ups with Centers of Design Excellence, R&D labs and Leading educational institutions to develop & design ‘ Trans-generational Designs’.
  • These special designs will be produced by “concerned” quality conscious manufacturers, and brought to the Market for Senior Citizens.
  • We are certain to start a trend with such designs that cater to the needs of the senior citizens. There is a huge unmet demand for this category of products.

We are also committed to providing the following support to senior Citizens

  • Provide effective psychological, medical and social care.
  • Provide assistance in getting pensions
  • Provide vocational training

Employment of Senior Citizens

  • Tour Park rosters are a veritable “who’s who” of retired bureaucrats, Chairpersons, & Senior Officials.
  • They constitute a huge pool of “experienced talent”.
  • Foundation has tied up with employers that understand the unique and valuable potential of Senior Citizens.
  • Senior citizens that have the requisite skills to meet the needs of their Companies will be employed as consultants.
  • Provide seniors an emotionally satisfying and financially rewarding opportunity to use their talents gainfully.

Our vision also encompasses

  • Creating of day care centres.
  • Self help schemes.
  • Old age homes.



Chairman of Enarr Group, a boutique investment bank, Mr. Shyam Singhania has more than 30 years of experience in Textile, Media, Entertainment and Agriculture. Mr. Singhania with a team of sector professionals set-up Enarr Media and Entertainment Fund and Enarr Agri Fund in the year 2011-12. Mr. Singhania is a General Partner at Enarr Venture Capital Fund, a proposed hybrid structure venture capital fund investing in start-ups.



Vice Chairman of Enarr Group, Mr. Padaam Singhania has 25+ years experience in textile and apparel, financial services, infrastructure and real estate. He serves as General Partner at Enarr Venture Capital Fund.