Growth Plan

Activity Centre

On the basis of our experiences of the activities with the elders at our Nana Nani Parks we want to consolidate our efforts and implement the similar model in the form of an Activity Centre which will provide more sustained opportunities for elders to interact with their peers in a space all of their own and experience life anew.


With this, NNF aims to come up with an Activity Centre for Senior Citizens with a vision to reach out to a larger population nationwide through the replication of such models.


NNF is already in a process of identifying place for its first Activity Centre.



To create a ‘room of their own’, a place where elders could meet, interact, celebrate with their peers and express themselves in a relaxed, secular, informal yet empathetic environment.


To offer a broad spectrum of activities, ranging from alternative health practices, comprehensive health check-ups, and interactive talks on various geriatric issues to keep them fit and reconnect them to their spiritual self and attain positive mental health to come out as well informed, aware and alert person.


Future Plans for Activity Centre:

NNF envisage the replication of the Activity Centre in all Metro cities along with Tier-I and Tier-II Cities.


NNF also foresee to implement its Centre activities in 33 smart cities declared by Government of India.

Senior Citizen Communes

NNF is also committed to provide different levels of establishments in Senior Housing Facilities. As seniors move from being ‘young seniors’ to ‘old seniors’ from their 60’s to 80’s, their needs undergo radical changes. As a result, housing solutions which work when the senior is fit mentally and physically will start failing when the person needs higher levels of care and is facing age-related health changes like vision / hearing impairment, arthritis, and forms of dementia. Taking this into consideration, senior citizen communes are playing a vital role of providing all required facilities within the same establishment ensuring their wellbeing.


NNF is gearing up towards establishing and running Communes for Senior Citizens.

Assisted Living Facility

By developing and maintaining state-of-the-art sustainable Assisted living facilities, a long-term senior care option, NNF plans to provide its Elderly residents access to support in their day-to-day activities through its dedicated and compassionate team of Care takers, Health care personnel and Social workers.


With creation of NNF’s Assisted Living Facility, its residents can have access to short and long term nursing needs if and when necessitated, while enjoying the environment similar to their home.

Skill development programmes

NNF plan to implement programmes aimed at skilling the elderly and connecting them to second careers opportunities. This initiative is underway in collaboration with various National and International like minded organizations.

Focussed Primary Healthcare

Senior Citizens are more vulnerable to social isolation and loneliness which affect them more as they age with reduced mobility and limited income. This calls for various platforms where they can meet their peers, interact socially, develop skills, engage themselves, feel secure, avail health and wellbeing and enjoy productive ageing.
Our healthcare primary focus is to transform primary healthcare in under-served urban and rural areas via mobile clinics and tele-health. Doctor density in India is 1/4th that of the US, which leads to life expectancy that is 14 years lower, 8x maternal mortality and 20x child mortality. We seek to address this gap through our healthcare partner .