Nana Nani Park, Girgaum

The Nana Nani Park

Location: Girgaum chowpatty

The park was inaugurated on 26th January 1998 by Honorable Shri. Balasaheb Thackeray accompanied by then Chief Minister Shri. Manohar Joshi and Cultural Minister Shri. Pramod Navalkar

The park is developed on a garbage dump that existed on the Girgaum Chowpatty beach. It has therefore served the dual purpose of not just clearing up the beach but also beautifying the area. This development has served as a model for several other parks in the city and has brought about an awareness of the need of providing such sanctuaries for the senior citizens of Mumbai.


Daily Yoga, Meditations and Exercises

Elders at Nana Nani Park spend an hour every morning practicing Yoga with the help of trainer. This keeps their physical and mental health in check and energized. Yoga sessions followed by meditation boost their mental health and keeps their positivity active.

Laughter sessions

Laughter has a well documented affirmative impact on the senior’s health. It decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving elder’s resistance to disease. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being very essential in elders.

At our Nana Nani Park renowned Laughter therapy trainer Mr. Kishor Kuwawala has been a vital resource for the seniors visiting the park. He introduced the elders to the concept of laughter therapy and conducts regular sessions. This has brought in extremely positive vigor in seniors of the park.

Birthday and anniversary celebrations

Elders at the park celebrate their peers’ birthdays and anniversaries every month. The beauty of the celebration is they all enjoy even a single biscuit given by their friends on such occasions.

Celebration of whole range of festivals

Celebration of whole range of festivals like Diwali, Gudi Padwa, Makar Sankranti, Kojagiri (Sharad Poornima), Christmas etc. has always been most sought after activities of this park. Playing Garba till long hours on “Sharad Poornima” night and enjoying wonderful musical programme on “Diwali” night is something all our Nana and Nanis look forward every year!

There is an active participation by elders in planning and executing various aspects of cultural celebrations at the park every year.

Independence Day and Republic Day with lot of vigor

Our seniors celebrate Independence Day and Republic Day with lot of vigor. And the guests coming for flag hoisting for each celebration every year is left speechless with touching experiences of the era of pre and post independence shared by our Elderly members. They all dress themselves in festive occasion.

“International Day of Older persons”

“International Day of Older persons” marking solidarity for the cause is celebrated in Nana Nani Park in collaboration with Help Age India every year. The Celebrity participation in the ‘Walkathon” by the elders in large numbers is the distinctive feature of this event hosted by the Foundation.

The park brims over with laughter as hundreds of elders celebrate World Laughter Day. For our Nana and Nanis “Love” is in the air on Valentine’s Day when they read poetry and sing romantic songs for their partners!

“World Yoga Day” is also an important event at this park where all the senior citizens of the neighborhood area perform various “Yogasanas” jointly.

Meditation sessions

Regular Spiritual discourses followed by Meditation sessions are cherished by the seniors at the parks.

Awareness programmes

Awareness programmes on Parkinson Disease enlighten elders of the park about this degenerative disease.

Health Development Programs

Regular Health Camps/Health Check-ups through partnerships with renowned hospitals like Lilavati ,Harkishandas and others providing free services to the needy spanning from health awareness camps and screening programs to diagnosis and treatment.

Various informative talks

Various informative talks on issues like mental health, chronic illnesses, fun games, legal advice etc. are part of their regular activities.


Complementary Tea

A privilege for our Nana Nanis is their morning cup of Tea at 7.30. It makes them fresh and starts their day full of energy. Interesting discussions and cracking jokes to spread laughter in the park gets started with this “Chai”

Daily Newspaper

Newspapers are the gateway to the World for our Elders. In this park they get their favorite Newspapers to read in serene ambiance, something which makes our foundation distinctive. The cheerful and contented faces of our Nana Nanis after a hearty conversation and brainstorming on the news they read make our staff’s day!

Central Umbrella

This is a unique concept every park developed by the foundation has, a central Umbrella for activity area which also has newspaper rack.

Soft Walking Tracks

Nana Nani Park has exclusive senior friendly walking track for seniors so that unlike other parks they don’t bump into any one especially youngsters who have different speed of walking or jogging. Soothing Music enhances the pleasure of their morning walk.

Round Tables and Benches

Single seater and double seater benches provide all the set up needed by our Nanas and Nanis to rest and hold youthful discussions which are a real fun to witness and learning also!!

Safe drinking water

Aquaguard installed at each park ensures provision of clean and safe drinking water for seniors.

Rest Rooms and Wash rooms

Availing clean and hygienic sanitary facilities is very important for older people for their susceptibility for the infections. All the parks of NNF ensures this for its senior members.

Medical Check Up

Another necessary component of elder care is regular evaluation of vital parameters of the health such as B. P, diabetes, Body Metric Index, Ophthalmic check up etc. for preventive purpose and their psychosomatic feel good factor!

Regular weekly medical checkup for elders of Nana Nani Park is done by Leelavati Hospital.

The basic medical details of the members are captured in medical forms.

First-aid kits, umbrellas, walkers wheelchairs are to use at the park when ever required


The park has round the clock security to ensure safety of its elderly visitors and prevent any antisocial activity.

Nana Nani Foundation Identity Cards are issued to all the members at the park.