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Nana Nani Park, Girgaon Chowpatty

The Nana Nani Park at 'Girgaon chowpatty (Beach)' is one of its kind. The park is developed on a garbage dump that existed on the beach. It has therefore served the dual purpose of not just clearing up the beach but also of beautifying the area. Thus benefiting the local residents as also the senior citizens. This development has served as a model for several other parks in the city and has brought about an awareness of the need of providing such sanctuaries for the senior citizens of Mumbai.

  • Nana Nani Park at Girgaum chowpatty was inaugurated on 26th Jan 1998.

  • Exclusively for Senior Citizens.

  • A Home within a Home.

  • Provide relieve from urban congestion, that is choking many physically and emotionally.

  • Facilitating Group reunions with their own kind to share their joys & sorrows.

(Shri Pramod Navalkar & Shri Shhyam Singhania with Senior Citizens in the Nana Nani Park)