Name any place for hangout it’s the Youth that one can see prevalently. There are many pubs and clubs, but here’s a new idea for a hangout, it’s the Nana Nani Park. Brainwave of Mr. Shhyam Singhania and Maharashtra
Ex-Minister Late Mr. Pramod Navalkar, the park is a safe outdoor public space for “seniors-only”

This park is exclusively for the elderly in Mumbai, comes complete with newspapers, morning tea, recreational activities, celebration of important festivals etc.

Whilst there is an alarming call for manifold efforts and interventions, we all are missing the support required to meet the emerging need of Elderly Care in urban and rural India. The number of elderly is skyrocketing as the birthrate declines dramatically and Life Longevity is increasing thereby elderly care is becoming a social issue due to the Inverted Pyramid

We at Nana Nani Foundation undertake various activities tirelessly to attempt bridging this gap and add value to the quality of life of our Elderly.